About Me

I began making up stories when I was three years old. I asked my parents to help me write down my stories and I drew pictures to go along with the stories. After my fourth book, it was obvious to my mom and dad that this wasn't just a phase. I really wanted to tell stories. So, I continued to tell stories and I learned to write.

As my stories got longer, I drew less pictures. "Good stories don't need a lot pictures," I said. To fill the gap in creativity, I decided to include crafts in my stories. The first to feature my more interactive stories was Avery and the Cake Fairy, which included a recipe. I got help shooting a video that shows how to make the recipe.

When I'm not working on my stories, I am usually working on crafts. I enjoy creating and watching a lot of Do-It-Yourself videos to come up with new ideas. My goal is to learn to write my stories all by myself. Then, I want to create my own Do-It-Yourself show to help others come up with ideas that they can do in their own homes.