About Me

Adaline began making up stories when she was three years old. She asked her parents to help her write down her stories and she drew pictures to go along with the stories. After her fourth book, it was obvious that this wasn't just a phase. Adaline wanted to tell stories. So, she continued to tell stories as she learned to write.

As her stories matured, she drew less pictures. "Good stories don't need a lot pictures," she said. To fill the gap in creativity, she decided to include crafts in her stories. The first to feature her more interactive stories was Avery and the Cake Fairy, which included a recipe. Adaline got help shooting a video that shows how to make the recipe.

When Adaline isn't working on her stories, she is usually found working on crafts. She enjoys creating and watches a lot of Do-It-Yourself videos to come up with new ideas. Her primary goal is to learn to write her stories all by herself. Then, she wants to create her own Do-It-Yourself show to help others come up with ideas that they can do in their own homes.