Adaline Writes

I began writing short stories when I was three years old. (Technically, I told the stories and my daddy wrote them down.) All of my stories are collected here for you along with background information. I hope that the background information inspires others to write stories. If you write one, please let me know by emailing it to

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Juvenile Fiction

These are stories that I made for myself and, eventually, turned into stories for everyone else. I wrote them as a child, so I consider them children's stories.

Captain Courtney and the Truly Tortuous Treasure of Tortuga

Courtney is back for another adventure. This time, she races other pirates to find the treasure while trying to keep up with her school work.

Captain Courtney and the Perfectly Proper Pirates of Pinckney

Courtney is an average girl growing up in Antigua until her father goes missing and she has to rescue him.

Doctor Who and the Space Worm

Haley helps Doctor Who save our Sun from being eaten by a space worm.

The Cooking Fairy Stories

Each Cooking Fairy story includes a recipe that children can make with their parents. I am also working on shooting a video for each recipe.

Brendan and the Pasta Fairy

Brendan is home along on Thanksgiving. His grandparents visit, but argue about what to eat. The Pasta Fairy comes to help.

Avery and the Cake Fairy

Avery is preparing her birthday party. Her birthday cake is ruined. The Cake Fairy comes to help.

First Stories These are the first stories I wrote. My daddy pushed me to work hard and learn how to tell good stories. These are the result of that work.

The Blowing

I wanted to write a scary story, so I wrote about a ghost called The Blowing who haunted an attic.

JuJu Penguin

My first stories were very short. This is a longer one about JuJu Penguin. Stay out of the water JuJu!

Lucy Goes on an Adventure

I was learning how to write a hero story and wrote this: It is about Lucy and her adventure to her first day of school.

Three Princesses and the Rainbow Unicorn

This is my first story. As the title says, it is about three princesses who meet a rainbow unicorn.